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Patricia. One-Stop-Shop Virtual Home Design

Personalized home styling from A-to-Z. Explore a brand new shopping experience. With Patricia, what you see is what you get! Your dream house is only a click away

people that designed their home themselves while reinventing the field of household decor

Meet Patricia, your private virtual design assistant. Patricia will learn your style and budget in order to guide you through your journey to quickly reach a perfect home as easy as 1, 2, 3

Upload your home floor plan in a PDF or PNG format

Upload your home floor plan in a PDF or PNG format

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Find your inspiration

Simply select photos that make you feel at home. Patricia will match your personal style and build your creative direction

Tour your new home virtually for free

For the first time ever, Patricia will take you on a digital tour and present you a 3D virtual reality version of your home, based on your plan and the selected style-guide. Prepare for a thrilling ride. Looking good?

Now it's shopping time

Pick & choose items directly from the tour. Snag your desired pieces from various brands and stores. Mix & match yourself or let Patricia add her recommendations to the cart. As soon as you're ready, Patricia will purchase all your stuff, pack it up and ship it directly to your address. You'll even get a complimentary installation guide so you can reassemble and place everything exactly where it should be!

מה לקוחותינו אומרים?

With Patricia, all you gotta do is sell, and we will take care of proper communication and production.

Eyal Duenias, CEO @Mody

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